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لغات و واژگان ضروری زبان انگیسی + ایلتس و تافل به همراه مثال و تلفظ سری اول A

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abandon (uh BAN dn) vt.1. to give up something forever; 2. to leave in a time
of danger
• Abandon all hope of seeing your family again.
• We must abandon the boathouse until the storm is over.
[-ed, -ing, abandonment n.] [Syn. quit, desert, forsake (Each of these has a slightly differ-ent emotion attached to it.)]

abbreviate(uh BREE vee ayt) vt.to shorten something by leaving a part, or
parts, out
• We might abbreviate this word abbrev.
• The student abbreviated most of the words in his or her class notes to keep
up with the teacher’s lecture.
[-d, abbreviating, abbreviation n.]

ability(uh BIL etee) n.1. being able; having power to do something; 2. skill,
expertise, power
• You have the ability to succeed at what you attempt.
• Einstein had exceptional mathematical ability.
• An automobile lacks the ablility to pull a freight train.

abridge(uh BRIJ) vt.1. to reduce in scope; 2. to shorten while maintaining the
• Condensed books abridge the original to appeal to a less than scholarly
• The 9-hour Lord of the Rings trilogy was abridged to 1 1/2 hours for its tele-vision broadcast.
[-d, abridging]
abscond(ab SKAHND) vi.to run away and hide; especially to avoid capture by
law enforcers
• Jesse James absconded just ahead of the sheriff.
•To abscond often results in a false sense of security.
[-ed, -ing, absconder n.]

absolve(ab ZAHLV) vt.1. to declare free from guilt; 2. to free from duty or a
• The Lord absolved the sinner and forgave him.
• The jury absolved the accused of any wrongdoing.
• Dad absolved Junior of his promise to wash the car.
[-d, absolving, absolver n.] [Syn. pardon, forgive, acquit]

absorb (ab ZAWRB) vt.1. to suck up; 2. to take up the full energy or attention
of; engross; 3. to take in and incorporate; 4. to assume the full cost
• The sponge absorbed the entire spill.
• Learning fractions absorbed Hailee’s full attention.
• If we fail to absor bthe lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat them.
• I’ll absorb the charge for the window replacement.
[-ed, -ing, absorbant adj.]

abstain(ab STAYN) vi.to hold back (from); refrain from
• I shall abstain from smoking or drinking.
• Three voted for the bill, two against it, and one abstained.
[-ed, -ing, abstention n.]

abstract (ab STRAKT for adj.,AB strakt for n., v.) adj.1. not concrete; thought of
apart from any material object; 2. not easily understood —n. a brief statement of
the content of a book, court case, article, etc.; a summary —vt.to remove or take
away; to summarize
• I had an abstractidea of what he meant, but nothing solid.
• Frankie’s ideas were too abstract to fully comprehend.
• We knew about the case from having read the abstract.
• Abstract the story, stating only the relevant facts.
[-ed, -ing, abstraction n., abstractly adv.]

absurd(ab SOERD orab ZOEHRD) adj.1. so obviously untrue as to be laugh-able; 2. laughably different from what is reasonable
• The story that his arms were tired because he had just flown in from Los
Angeles was absurd.
• The outfit that Gino wore with the red and white striped shirt and the
green and yellow checked pants was absurd.
[absurdly adv., absurdity n.]

accentuate(ak SEN choo ayt) vt.1. to pronounce or mark with a stress or
accent; 2. emphasize
• When you tell people about your vacation, accentuate the high points and
play down the low points.
• Wear clothing that accentuates your youthful looks.
[-d, accentuating, accentuation n.]

acceptable(ak SEPT ibl) adj.adequate; tolerable; bearable; okay
• Eating peas at a restaurant using only your knife is not considered accept-able manners.
• Dressing in a toga is considered acceptable at certain fraternity parties.

acceptance(ak SEP tins) n.1. being accepted; 2. an approval
• Jack’s acceptance by Jill’s family made him very happy.
• Ian’s acceptance of full responsibility for the telephone charges got Kira off
the hook (so to speak).

access(AK ses) n.1. the act of coming near to; approach; 2. a way of approach-ing something; 3. the right to enter or use something —vt.to gain or have use of a
• The access to the house was through the side door.
• Sebastian gained access to his car through the driver’s window.
[-ed, -ing]

accommodate(uh KOM uh dayt) vt.1. to make fit; to adapt; adjust; 2. to rec-oncile; 3. to do a service or favor for; 4. to have room for
• An adapter is needed for your sink to accommodate the dishwasher hose.
• Even though I don’t want to do it, I’ll accommodate you.
• The hotel accommodate sits guests with room service.
• The kitchen accommodates seating space for four.
[-d, accommodating]

accommodation(uh kom uh DAY shun) n.1. adjustment; adaptation to a cer-tain use; 2. reconciliation of differences; 3. a convenience; 4. living or traveling
• Myles made an accommodation to staying up all night and annoying his
parents by sleeping most of the day.
• The employee and his former boss reached an accommodation over the mat-ter of severance pay.
• Having coffeemakers in each room was an accommodation for motel guests.
• The train’s compartment had sleeping accommodations for up to four 

accomplice (uh KOM plis) n.a person who knowingly assists in committing a
crime; partner in crime
• While Bob was robbing the bank, his accomplice,Louise, was behind the
wheel of the getaway car.
[Syn. associate]
accomplish(uh KOM plish) vt.1. to do or succeed in doing; 2. to perfect; to
• Rocio accomplished her task of bathing the dog.
• The human fly never failed to accomplish its mission.
[-ed, -ing, accomplishment n.] [Syn. perform, reach]

accord(uk AWRD) vt.1. to make agree; to reconcile; 2. to grant or concede —vi.
mutual agreement —n.1. an informal agreement, as between two states or coun-tries; 2. consent; permission
• Our objectives are in accord.
• I intend to accord you every courtesy.
• Jakob had his dad’s accord to use the family car.
[-ed, -ing, (in) accordance n.]
accost (uh KAWST) vt.to approach and greet first (often in an intrusive way)
• I wouldn’t be so bold as to accost someone who did not greet me first.
• I was walking along, minding my own business, when I was accosted by a
street peddler.
[-ed, -ing]

account (uh KOWNT) vt. to tell, consider, or judge —vi.1. to furnish a reckon-ing of money collected and/or payed out; 2. to make acceptable amends for; 3. to
give acceptible reasons for —n.1. a counting or calculation; 2. a record of monetary
funds; 3. a bank account; 4. a record of transactions
• The detective asked Jim to account for his time on Sunday.
• The cashier had to account for her daily receipts.
• The criminal must account for his or her evil action.
• Karen accounts for her funds in her checkbook register.
• There’s no accounting for people’s tastes.
• Jason keeps track of what is due to him in his accounts receivable ledger.
[-ed, -ing, accountable n.]

accuracy(AK yur isee) n.the quality of being correct or exact; exactness, 
• Weather forecasts are not renowned for their accuracy.
• Robin Hood could shoot an arrow with great accuracy.

accurate(AK yur it) adj.1. careful and precise; 2. free from errors; 3. sticking
closely to a standard (like a scale)
• Ian made an accurate drawing of his pet pug Willis.
• Sarah had to be accurate in math to get a grade of 100%.
• Making candy requires a very accurate thermometer.
[accurately adv.] [Syn. precise]

achieve(uh CHEEV) vt.1. to succeed in doing; 2. to get somewhere; to attain;
to gain —vi.to succeed
• Franklin Roosevelt achieved election to the U.S. presidency four separate
• It is difficult to achieve the lead in the Tour de France bicycle race.
• When Hillary tried to climb Everest, the goal was his to achieve.
[-d, achieving, achievement n.] [Syn. reach, perform]

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